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VIDAS 3 in two words
See how biologists and healthcare professionals describe the new-generation instrument

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Diagnosis of C. Difficile Infection

Laboratory testing of CDI  has become a complex domain. Different testing methods exist, with both benefits and limitations. Which road should you take?


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Diagnosis and Management of Sepsis: The Value of Biomarkers and Rapid Microbiology


Sepsis can be difficult to distinguish from other, non-infectious conditions in critically ill patients with clinical signs of acute inflammation. Dr Robert A. Balk , MD, the J. Bailey Carter, MD Professor of Internal Medicine, Rush Medical College (USA), describes a 3 step approach to rapidly diagnose sepsis.

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Your latest questions:

  • What Does "Undetectable" Viral Load Mean?
  • What is the "window-period" and how long is it?
  • Is urine or saliva feasible to use as a source of HIV detection?
  • Is a Rapid Test as good as a standard HIV Elisa Test?
  • Do tests detect HIV-2 and all subtypes of HIV-1?
  • What is a Confirmatory Assay?


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Want to know more about the importance of hormone testing in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility? Our new webcast series is designed for you!


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